Keeping it how it is.

Not too long ago I write a post about changing my blog name because after a whole year of blogging because I felt like I had grown out of it. However, with hindsight, I realise it wasn’t that thescribblingtrain was failing to represent what I wanted it to it was more so that it was just in a rut. Not only was I having to deal with upcoming exams for my final year at uni, I also had skills test to do so I could get on to my PGCE, and life was just a bit overwhelming. I felt almost disconnected from my blog with everything else going on, yes I was still posting, but I didn’t really know what do with it. What I mean is when I first started blogging I just thought it’d be about random thoughts and feelings I have, basically my life experiences, and just a mish-mash of everything. However, simultaneous to the time I started blogging I became more and more interested in make up and I started writing about that too, which is fine because it comes under life and I like writing about it, but I didn’t feel thescribblingtrain represented all those things.

I also thought about perhaps creating a posting schedule so that I can put everything I wanted to write about on my blog for example life posts on Sunday & a beauty related post on Wednesday but then I realised I don’t even want that. I know I kind of post every Tuesday/Wednesday at the moment but that’s kind of naturally fallen in to place. I don’t want to be scraping my brains out every Saturday night trying to think about what was the highlight of my week or how my uni life is or rant about what annoyed me (rant post coming soon) because to be honest my life isn’t very interesting neither do I want to fretting up till Wednesday about what I could write about make up, so I can’t put my name down to days and dates and times. Also, I don’t even know if I’d be able to maintain posting twice a week, especially when I start my postgrad in September I know it’ll be too much for me. It’s a predicament. I bet if I looked on Google images I could find a poster or meme that say’s something along the lines of “There’s someone out there who works 5 days a week and has two kids, who is writing up blog post drafts for next month right now” however, that doesn’t change anything for me just that they are a very hardworking individual and kudos to them.

Basically, what I’m trying to say is that this blog it’s not really changing at all it’s going forward as it is, and it’ll become with multi-dimensional place on the internet that goes back and forth between everything and anything in between. At the end of the day this is thescribblingtrain not the-linear-going-in-one direction-train. I think I’ll set myself a target of trying to post 6 times a month starting this or next month (you’ll have to wait & find out), so basically every 5 days. I don’t really know if I’ll keep that up come September but we’ll see. If you chose to stick around then just expect more of what has come so far in a higher dosages, and maybe sometimes it’s just about waiting for change rather than trying to force change.

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