thescribblingtrain: Orange lip obsession


It’s no secret that I’m obsessed with orange lips which has meant that over the summer I have ended up with a small collection. What I’ve realised is that orange lips don’t always need to be so bold they can sometimes be sheer and simmering.

So starting off with KIKO’s ultra glossy lip pencil in 605 which is a moisturising lip liner rather than your typical matte lip liner. The colour of this is the same as the vibrant orange packaging so it really packs a punch. This is perfect for orange lip newbies because you can build it up from a sheer tint (think MAC glaze finish) to the vibrant opacity of a lip gloss. I like to think of it as a lip gloss in solid stick form that doesn’t go gloopy if you over apply it. Obviously lasting power isn’t something that comes with a sheer glossy lip liner but what I love about this lip liner is that if you’re on the go you can literally top up your lip colour by scribbling in your lips and do the universal rubbing lips together action for an even application.

Next, in my orange lip wardrobe, I have these two glosses: Maybelline colour semsational cream gloss in Cashmere Rose and NYX butter gloss in Apple Strudel. These two products are sharing a paragraph because not only are they the same formula but they also are pretty much identical in colour, and you don’t really need both. If you were wondering about the orangeness of these I would products, I would say that NYX’s offering is more of a peach whereas Maybelline’s version is a creamsicle shade. Also Apple Strudel is a semi opaque cream gloss which means that it lasts longer out of the two, whereas Cashmere Rose  is less pigmented and has some micro shimmer so it probably wouldn’t show up on pigmented lips.


Now on to the Revlon Colourburst Lip butter in Tutti Frutti (love the name) which is a notch up in the scale of orange intensity than the lip products I’ve mentioned so far. This fierce orange definitely heats up the lips with it’s tangerine hue. I would say in one swipe of the bullet you are left with a sheer wash however this can easily be built up to a medium intensity pout. This is another moisturising lip product so it is comfortable to wear, however you’ll have to take it with you for top ups.

Another lip liner in my arsenal is NYX slim lip pencil in Orange. Now this is definitely true orange and when I want go all out in colour intensity with a matte finish I just fill my lips with this colour. Now, that’s not always for the weak hearted (or those who suffer with dry lips) and you might want to make it slightly more wearable with a dab of gloss. Obviously, you can still use it as lip liner to go under other orange hued lip product to amp up the colour and longevity.

Last but definitely not least in longevity or colour intensity are my three orange lipsticks: Revlon’s 750 Kiss Me Coral, Rimmel’s 214 Firecracker, and Topshop’s Rio Rio. These are all amazing lipsticks which I raved about in my ‘Orange lipsticks off the high street’ post, which is an in-depth post just about these three lippies, so I won’t ramble on here. All these lipsticks will definitely make a statement on your lips if that’s what you want.

Honourable mention: Tanya Burr’s lip gloss in Let’s Travel The World is a orange-y red lip gloss which would have fitted into this post perfectly but because I’m moving at the moment it’s packed away in a box somewhere.

So that concludes my lengthy post on all things orange if you want to see how I wore orange all over my face in a subtle way then click here. Otherwise if you’re just about the statement lip then ease off the blush and add lashings of mascara on to your perfected base.

Leave me a comment if you own any orange hued make up products that I could hoard with the rest of my preciousss or tell me about anything (can be completely random) orange that you’ve been loving.



Keeping it how it is.

Not too long ago I write a post about changing my blog name because after a whole year of blogging because I felt like I had grown out of it. However, with hindsight, I realise it wasn’t that thescribblingtrain was failing to represent what I wanted it to it was more so that it was just in a rut. Not only was I having to deal with upcoming exams for my final year at uni, I also had skills test to do so I could get on to my PGCE, and life was just a bit overwhelming. I felt almost disconnected from my blog with everything else going on, yes I was still posting, but I didn’t really know what do with it. What I mean is when I first started blogging I just thought it’d be about random thoughts and feelings I have, basically my life experiences, and just a mish-mash of everything. However, simultaneous to the time I started blogging I became more and more interested in make up and I started writing about that too, which is fine because it comes under life and I like writing about it, but I didn’t feel thescribblingtrain represented all those things.

I also thought about perhaps creating a posting schedule so that I can put everything I wanted to write about on my blog for example life posts on Sunday & a beauty related post on Wednesday but then I realised I don’t even want that. I know I kind of post every Tuesday/Wednesday at the moment but that’s kind of naturally fallen in to place. I don’t want to be scraping my brains out every Saturday night trying to think about what was the highlight of my week or how my uni life is or rant about what annoyed me (rant post coming soon) because to be honest my life isn’t very interesting neither do I want to fretting up till Wednesday about what I could write about make up, so I can’t put my name down to days and dates and times. Also, I don’t even know if I’d be able to maintain posting twice a week, especially when I start my postgrad in September I know it’ll be too much for me. It’s a predicament. I bet if I looked on Google images I could find a poster or meme that say’s something along the lines of “There’s someone out there who works 5 days a week and has two kids, who is writing up blog post drafts for next month right now” however, that doesn’t change anything for me just that they are a very hardworking individual and kudos to them.

Basically, what I’m trying to say is that this blog it’s not really changing at all it’s going forward as it is, and it’ll become with multi-dimensional place on the internet that goes back and forth between everything and anything in between. At the end of the day this is thescribblingtrain not the-linear-going-in-one direction-train. I think I’ll set myself a target of trying to post 6 times a month starting this or next month (you’ll have to wait & find out), so basically every 5 days. I don’t really know if I’ll keep that up come September but we’ll see. If you chose to stick around then just expect more of what has come so far in a higher dosages, and maybe sometimes it’s just about waiting for change rather than trying to force change.

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Late night rant-y post | Life & thoughts

Alright chiefs?

I’m in such an odd mood and I can’t sleep so I thought I’d come on here and just talk about it. I have loads to tell you but I’ve just been whipping out beauty-related posts because I can just plan them, whereas with life posts I kind of just go where the tangent takes me.

*If this post is full of typo’s I’d just like to inform you it’s like nearly 2AM!

Anyway, the biggest piece of news, perhaps, is that I bought a car. Yes, me, the last person on the planet who is willing to drive, even though I know how, has bought a car. It’s (he’s) a Volkswagon Polo (1998), green, five door, and has only had one previous parent, lover, or if you’re conventional, owner. I’ve named him Rex because he’s green like a dinosaur. I bought him because for his age he’s hasn’t been driven around much- the mileage on him in low- and I’ll need a car to get to my placements on my post-grad next year because they can be as far as 70 miles out, but I really hope I don’t get one that far. I’ve driven him locally a few times, when I’ve had the time, and considering I passed my test like around 1 and a half years ago I wasn’t as rusty as I had expected it kind of just came back to me with a few drives around the block. Perhaps, the rest of the drivers on road are being nice to me with my “P” plates plastered on the front and back. That’s another thing, I can’t wait to take the “P” plates off and not be amongst the lowest members of the driving social hierarchy in which position I have to wear a badge to show my inexperience.

Another major thing is that next week, week beginning the 8th of April is my last week of lectures and seminars ever, ever, EVER. I will have completed my time at university which just depress’ me so much. I cannot have finished university, I signed up for three years, and this has all happened to quickly.  Where did the time go? A lot of people are ready to leave and I’m like “your ready for the real world?”  whilst trying to build myself a cave out of all my books. Also, I have so much reading to do it’s actually unbelievable; one thing that has not changed, even though I’ve nearly completed an English degree, is my reading speed. I read at the pace of a turtle. So over the next few weeks I’m  going to be reading the texts I didn’t manage to start or finish so, I’m ready for the exam with as many texts in my ammunition.

Other things that are adding pressure to my final exams are the skills test I have to do in English and in Maths in order to secure myself on the post-grad course. Obviously, English is not so stressful but Maths…When I try to answer the maths questions the left side of my brain is like “err…” and the 18 seconds I have to answer the question is over! You can’t even go back if you have time left over you just got 18 seconds and it’s stressful. Anyway, English is booked for the 27th of April, and Maths for the 28th. The conditional offer I have requests that I have passed both of those by June 30th.

Other things, I’ve been slacking on because of academic demands are going to the gym. It’s becoming really hard for me and I’m like “Eughhhh” but it’s also effecting my weight loss and obviously I don’t want to put the weight back on because that shit is hard to work off! I really need to start going to the gym more like back to 3 days a week atleast. However, people are noticing even though I’m not bothering; a few have said “Oh you’ve lost weight” which is always nice.

This post has become abit list-like how weird. But, the last thing I wanted to talk about was my upcoming blogiversary which is just in over a weeks time. Now, not many people in my “real” life actually know my blog exists; I don’t know why but it’s just not something I feel comfortable talking about because I don’t want them to think “Oh, she’s just banging on about her bloody blog”, or something. Maybe, it’s just that British trait of being quite modest about ones “things(?)”…attainments and achievements. Also, along with that I’m still nameless on this blog, I think, and I’ve been debating for awhile whether I should reveal my name. Don’t worry it won’t be like a big name reveal that some youtubers do for their expectant baby/ies (not that I’m bashing name reveal videos I actually love watching them) it’ll probably just be in passing. But is it time? Maybe it’d be nice after one year? My twin (not actually my twin but just a friend but we like a lot things exactly the same) was saying the other day “currently your just a anonymous person on the internet capable of doing and writing anything, if you had a name which people could recognise it’d make you more real”, which I am, but clearly I’m not capable of doing or writing anything because I’ve only written some life-y posts, ad a bit beauty, and a bit of health, but nothing groundbreaking. Also, I hope you guys know that I am a real human being, not a one cell amoeba who blogs. So I don’t know, maybe name coming soon?

Anyway that’s enough of me typing at you for now, but do tell me should I name or not name? Is the mysterious identity really putting readers off? Also anything else you’ve been dying to tell me leave it down in the comments!


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Long time no blog!


Is anyone still even there?!

Sorry guys for being so AWOL/MIA over the last two weeks! I haven’t given up the ghost on the blog I’ve just been really busy with uni ect. I have so many half written up posts in the pipeline but I just don’t have time to finish them and get them up! I’ll give you the list of posts that you’ll eventually see – A make up haul, My University of Portsmouth interview experience, Other post-grad uni options and who I chose, and perhaps one on my current English language project about Black American English.

I hope you are all well and the weather where you live hasn’t been to atrocious, especially my fellow British bloggers and readers! I got stranded in Manchester Piccadilly train station on Wednesday (12/2/14) with thousands of other commuters because of trains derailing, train cables ripping, and and train station roofs coming off; fortunately, I was with my friend and ended up going back to her house and seeking refuge there.

Anyway, I hope this really quick posts is okay for now!



Liebster Award

This post has been on my blog ‘to do’ list for ages, but I never got round to doing it with exams and blah blah life. However, I am super excited and stoked to have been nominated for the liebster award by THAT GIRL GRACE. Thank you Grace. I think this is a blog award for bloggers with less than 200 subscribers, but anyway on to the post.

The Rules:

1. Recognize the nominator(s).

2. Answer the 10 questions that the nominator asked you.

3. State 10 facts about yourself

4. Create your own 10 questions.

5. Nominate 10 other bloggers.

6. Let the nominees know you’ve nominated them.

10 facts about me

1) I passed my driving test first time  in November 2012 after about a 100 lessons. The DVLA (driving authority in the UK) say the average person takes about 52-55 lessons so, perhaps passing the first time isn’t such an achievement when I took a 100 lessons.

2) I use to have perfect vision until  second year of college but now it’s -2.00 which means I can’t see far away very well.

3) I didn’t really enjoy college.

4) Even though I took a 100 driving lessons I never mastered parallel parking in 5 moves (it takes me about 15 moves), so I’m lucky it didn’t come up in my driving test.

5) I don’t understand how the steering wheel works when the cars in ‘reverse’. Yeah, I know it’s the other way but it baffles me.

6)  If you haven’t gathered already then let me tell you  that my sense of direction is atrocious.

7) I think my subconscious is actually the mind of a super evil master cat who wants to rule the world, and when I’m around other cats they can sense it so, that’s why they all come to me and are like ‘Master, it is an honour to be meeowting you’.

The questions and answers

1. What inspired you to start blogging? 

– I wasn’t really “inspired” to start blogging if I’m honest – is that bad?-  but I did just want a place to put my thoughts. I was already reading other blogs like beauty blogs, and student blogs, and blogs where people just talk about their lives, and I really liked them and thought I could do it too. I didn’t really know what kind of blog I wanted either but I think I’ve ended up with a student-y, lifestyle-y, beauty-(ish) type of blog, but I have become passionate about blogging like I want to write posts, and when I don’t I miss it.

2. Which shop you can not visit without buying something?

– Boots, or Superdrugs.

3. Beauty purchase you most regret?

– I don’t regret any because I usually research stuff to make sure it’s a good product, and go and try before I buy ect. However, I will admit I am sometimes hasty in buying products because I go through phases of liking certain looks and then I bring them home and like them for like 2 weeks and then I’m over it.

4. If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be?

– In Canada because it seems like such an amazing place. Plus, I love the cold so, I guess Canada and me are meant to be.

5. Nude lip or bold lip?

– Bold.

6. If you could only use one form of social media which would it be?

– Well, I don’t have twitter or tumblr. I have Facebook, and Instagram but out of them two it’d have to be Facebook.

7. Favourite drugstore makeup brand?

– This is hard because I pick specific items from specific drugstore brands for example Rimmel for lipsticks, Sleek for blushes, and Maybelline for Mascara. I’ve never used anything from max factor, so perhaps I’d say Rimmel, Sleek, and Maybelline win for different categories.

8. When it comes to snacks which do you prefer, sweet or savoury?

– Savoury.

9. Which skincare product could you not live without?

– The Body shop body butters.

10. Dream job?

– A wedding planner.

My questions

1) – What’s one high end product you’d love to have?

2) – Do you drive? – If yes, did you pass your test first time,  what car are you driving now, and what’s your dream car?

3) – Can you speak and understand any other languages?

4) – What’s you favorite food?

5) – Have you ever broken a/any bone(s)?  If yes, tell us how you broke it/them.

6) –  Do you have a signature scent? If yes, what is it?

7) – Did your parents ever tell you that you had to wait until a certain age until you could start wearing make up?

8) – If you could eat one thing all the time without gaining weight what would it be?

9) – Do you think your accent tells people where you are from? For example, if you went to another city on the opposite side of the country would they know from your accent where you are from.

10) – Are you reading a novel at the moment? – If yes, what’s the title, and who’s it by?

My nominees


The little Scottish corner


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The Versatile Blogger Award

100 subscribers


On the 2nd of January I hit 100 subscribers and -in the midst of revising for my exams- I felt like I’d hit the big time but really I haven’t- ha! But, it’s still a huge achievement for me, especially because I didn’t think I’d actually keep up with this whole blogging malarkey and I have, so I’ve proved myself wrong. Also, I didn’t think anyone would actually read my blog because it’s a bit all over the place with no specific genre, or structured timetable, from a blogger with no name or picture, but I guess everyone who reads it really doesn’t mind. Plus, I just want to thank you all who’ve been reading my blog whether you subscribed today, the day I started blogging, or somewhere in between you guys are awesome. I’ll hope you’ll all stick with me as I intend to carry on blogging, and maybe I’ll make a “200 subscribers” post when we get there.

Things I’ve learnt from blogging-

  • Earning subscribers is hard work, especially when you’re blogging as an anonymous person because you really have to woo the reader with your writing, and you aren’t using all the social media at your disposal.
  • Commitment + Hard work = Rewards.
  • Organic and steady growth is good.
  • The blogging community are lovely, and I’ve made a few good internet acquaintances.

But anyway I thought we’d look at numbers because I love statistics because it just makes everything real.

For the category for most views in a day – Wednesday 29th of May

For most views in a week – week beginning November 18th 2013

Most views in a month – May 2013

Most viewed post – Bobbi Brown Tinted Eye brightener vs YSL touche eclat radiant touch

Most popular tag/category – “beauty” or “bblogger”

Most popular referrer of all time – Search engines

Most views from a country – United Kingdom (Woop Woop!)

All time views – 1,417

Okay, nerdy number session over and a massive thank you again to everyone.

If you haven’t already then please subscribe.

If there’s anyway you think I could improve my blog leave it in the comments, or any post or tags you want to see from me leave them below aswell!