thescribblingtrain: Orange lip obsession


It’s no secret that I’m obsessed with orange lips which has meant that over the summer I have ended up with a small collection. What I’ve realised is that orange lips don’t always need to be so bold they can sometimes be sheer and simmering.

So starting off with KIKO’s ultra glossy lip pencil in 605 which is a moisturising lip liner rather than your typical matte lip liner. The colour of this is the same as the vibrant orange packaging so it really packs a punch. This is perfect for orange lip newbies because you can build it up from a sheer tint (think MAC glaze finish) to the vibrant opacity of a lip gloss. I like to think of it as a lip gloss in solid stick form that doesn’t go gloopy if you over apply it. Obviously lasting power isn’t something that comes with a sheer glossy lip liner but what I love about this lip liner is that if you’re on the go you can literally top up your lip colour by scribbling in your lips and do the universal rubbing lips together action for an even application.

Next, in my orange lip wardrobe, I have these two glosses: Maybelline colour semsational cream gloss in Cashmere Rose and NYX butter gloss in Apple Strudel. These two products are sharing a paragraph because not only are they the same formula but they also are pretty much identical in colour, and you don’t really need both. If you were wondering about the orangeness of these I would products, I would say that NYX’s offering is more of a peach whereas Maybelline’s version is a creamsicle shade. Also Apple Strudel is a semi opaque cream gloss which means that it lasts longer out of the two, whereas Cashmere Rose  is less pigmented and has some micro shimmer so it probably wouldn’t show up on pigmented lips.


Now on to the Revlon Colourburst Lip butter in Tutti Frutti (love the name) which is a notch up in the scale of orange intensity than the lip products I’ve mentioned so far. This fierce orange definitely heats up the lips with it’s tangerine hue. I would say in one swipe of the bullet you are left with a sheer wash however this can easily be built up to a medium intensity pout. This is another moisturising lip product so it is comfortable to wear, however you’ll have to take it with you for top ups.

Another lip liner in my arsenal is NYX slim lip pencil in Orange. Now this is definitely true orange and when I want go all out in colour intensity with a matte finish I just fill my lips with this colour. Now, that’s not always for the weak hearted (or those who suffer with dry lips) and you might want to make it slightly more wearable with a dab of gloss. Obviously, you can still use it as lip liner to go under other orange hued lip product to amp up the colour and longevity.

Last but definitely not least in longevity or colour intensity are my three orange lipsticks: Revlon’s 750 Kiss Me Coral, Rimmel’s 214 Firecracker, and Topshop’s Rio Rio. These are all amazing lipsticks which I raved about in my ‘Orange lipsticks off the high street’ post, which is an in-depth post just about these three lippies, so I won’t ramble on here. All these lipsticks will definitely make a statement on your lips if that’s what you want.

Honourable mention: Tanya Burr’s lip gloss in Let’s Travel The World is a orange-y red lip gloss which would have fitted into this post perfectly but because I’m moving at the moment it’s packed away in a box somewhere.

So that concludes my lengthy post on all things orange if you want to see how I wore orange all over my face in a subtle way then click here. Otherwise if you’re just about the statement lip then ease off the blush and add lashings of mascara on to your perfected base.

Leave me a comment if you own any orange hued make up products that I could hoard with the rest of my preciousss or tell me about anything (can be completely random) orange that you’ve been loving.



Back to blogging & Ethics

Wow, I haven’t blogged in a over a month so this post is going to be rusty.

Hi, Hello?,

Yeah, it’s just me writing over here. Yes, this blog has been neglected but it is still alive. I haven’t really gone anywhere or done anything that I could use as an excuse as to why I haven’t blogged in so long: the only excuse I could give you is that I mentally couldn’t get myself to blog. The first missed post went by, the second followed, with the third hot on it’s tracks, and then the forth, and perhaps even a fifth post would’ve been up if I followed ‘post every 5 days rule’ – you do the maths. 

So, what did I do in July? Well, it was Ramadan, I went to Southampton for a week, I graduated, and I bought a new car. Apart from that I have pretty much been home everyday doing nothing. I’ve also been suffering from the heat and humidity, but I’ve loved the heavy rain, thunder and lightening that’s accompanied it. I’m not a sun person. I’ve also ordered all the books for my post-grad course but I’m yet to actually ready any. The thought of reading ‘Great Expectations’ by Charles Dickens is definitely trialing my soul. August is my last month at home before I move out for a year, and also my birthday month, which I don’t have much planned for. If anyone is interested I’m turning 21 on the 15th.

Another thing, you might have noticed about me if you follow me on Twitter is the fact that because I haven’t been that active in the blogging world I’ve been tweeting about Palestine a lot and the Genocide being carried out there. I’m sure some people who followed me on Twitter for my blog have unfollowed me because tweets about the situation in Palestine isn’t exactly why they followed me. I do still post my thoughts and rambles on there and I probably will start tweeting about blog-related stuff once I get back to posting. But, anyway, because of how I feel towards what is happening in Palestine, I won’t be purchasing from certain brands that fund Israel, which includes beauty products. I’ve looked into it and come to the decision it would be completely unethical to buy from companies that pretty much financially support a massacre of human lives. So, from now on, if you do see any products from said companies on my blog it’s products that I bought before I made this decision.


Above image taken from

I feel slightly sick now when I look at all the products I have from the brands listed above because I’ve pretty much given money away to companies who fund terrorism. And, yes, I know that they aren’t really going to suffer from me not buying from them, however, least I know in my heart of hearts that I am not accountable for the killing of innocent people.

So, that’s pretty much it, I hope August is treating you well, and I’ve got a few ideas for my next couple of posts.

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Skincare for Dry & Sensitive Skin

I don’t write about skincare just because even though I have a skin care routine I don’t really dabble in trying new things or splurge on it. However, in mid-April (yes, I know it’s the end of June) something happened to my skin that has never happened before, and that was that I had an allergic reaction, and all my skin flared up. A week previous to that flare up I had started using two new serums –  a day one and night one – which to this day I’m still afraid to retry again because I don’t know which one triggered it. Nothing like that has ever happened to my normal to dry skin. At first I thought it was a bit of sunburn on the tops of my cheeks but then it spread across my face. It was red, and then it developed little bumps, and then it became so tight and dry that my face literally hurt to move. To touch it felt rough and anything I put on it made it sting like a b*tch. It literally threw me out of my skincare depth and into a whirlpool of skincare drama. So I had to not only go back to basics but use products that would pretty much resurface the top layer of my skin.

Body Shop Vitamin E Facial Oil

The Vitamin E Facial Oil. (Sorry for that there isn’t any pictures of the other products they got lost in a digital data black hole and couldn’t be recovered.)

The first product I turned to was The Body Shop “Vitamin E facial oil”. I literally slathered this on my skin multiple times a day because my skin was so dry and it would drink this stuff up so quickly and then dry out again.  However, I really believe that the water-retaining qualities in vitamin E oil helped my skin restore itself because as my skin slowly got better I applied this fewer and fewer times through out the day and it was able to keep my skin moisturized. The first few times my skin did sting for a few minutes because it was so dry and tight, but afterwards my skin didn’t have the texture sandpaper.  This oil really helped calm down the inflammation and redness, and even though I used it so much, especially at night time before going to bed I’d apply it twice (once half an hour before going to bed, and then just before getting into bed), it would never block my pores or leave my skin greasy.

During this flare up I felt that I should only use products with simple ingredients. Cue: Lush Oatifix facemask. This mask is made to moisturise, soothe and help exfoliate dry skin, and it did just that. The first ingredient in this is glycerin which helps attract and lock in moisture, which meant that my skin wasn’t drying out as quickly as I used it more and more. I was using this face mask every other day which I wouldn’t normally do with a face mask but because this face mask helped my skin in two ways it became a necessity; the glycerin in the face mask (along with all the other moisturising products)  really helped soften the dead scaly skin sitting on the surface whilst the crushed almond pieces exfoliated them away allowing the new skin to reveal itself and breathe. After I used this product and moisterised with the vitamin E oil I felt like that skin was drinking  up the moisture more effectively as all the dead skin had been exfoliated away.

The last product that I used on my skin was the 9 to 5 cleanser from Lush. I know this product isn’t particularly targeted at extremely dry skin but I used it anyway and it helped. I would apply a thick layer all over my face and put a hot towel over just to steam my pores a little and soften the scaly skin on days that I didn’t use the face mask. I found it’s lotion-like consistency felt really nice on my rough dry skin and afterwards left it feeling softer. This cleanser is super gentle which made me feel confident it using it over any other products.

So these were the products I used pretty much up until the last week of May. I really feel like using only these three products got my skin feeling back to itself again and what I really loved about all three products I’ve mentioned above is that they didn’t break the bank, and I know if I have skin problems again that leave my skin very dry and sensitive I will return back to these products.

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Peachy spring & summer make-up look


Illamasqua Skin Base foundation, Benefit "Moonbeam", MAC "Swiss chocolate", MAC "Expensive pink", Max factor "Soft copper" cream blush, and Kiko glossy liner in 605.

So, now that summer has arrived in England it’s all about the minimal make up – well for me. Today was the first time this year I’ve gone out in the heat with make up on so I thought I’d show you what I wore.

So, for summer I always like to wear as little base product as possible so, I only used half the amount of foundation I usually use. I also mixed the foundation with Benefit liquid highlighter in “Moonbeam” which is now discontinued (boo!) to give it a glowing finish. I skipped concealer because my under eyes actually looked presentable. I also didn’t bother concealing any of the light scarring on some parts of my face just because they are aren’t that bad and I was going for a natural look. Keeping with face products, for my cheeks I used a cream blush to give that extra dewiness. What I love about this cream blush is that it has no glitter or shimmer in it but has a glowiness to it. Moreover, the “soft cooper” really adds a a natural peachy colour to the cheeks which is the look what I was going for.

For my eyes I wanted to add that summer glow so I very subtlety put MAC “Swiss chocolate” eye shadow through the crease just for some definition and also to keep with the warm hues on the rest of my face. I always like to lay down my crease colour first so that I can control the dramaticness of the definition in the crease. Then on the lid I put down MAC “Expensive pink” eye shadow which is gorgeous because it’s the ultimate rose gold shadow, and even though it’s duo chrome you won’t look like you’ve walked out the 80’s. Obviously, I swished my MAC 217 around so it looked seamless. I skipped eyeliner and applied lashings of L’Oreal telescopic mascara which isn’t in the picture because I’m a divv. (Does anyone use that term anymore?)

For my lips I used Kiko’s glossy lip liner in 605 which is a straight up orange. Even though it’s a lip liner I wore it alone. I wore it sheerly because I wanted everything on “da face” to ties together rather than clash.

So that’s my peachy summer make up look very simple and quite natural. If anything was the focal point it was the glowing skin which I think is nice in Summer.

Tell me what’s your favourite make up look in summer? Do you like peachy make up?

Wishlist for graduation

So after I finished (as in completed my final exams of my final year)  uni yesterday, my friend and I went for a celebratory meal at Bella Italia and a wonder around Selfridges, which left me desiring a lot of things. Does anyone else “treat” themselves after they’ve completed or achieved something? I do, pretty much after every exam or assignment, I bought NARS Dolce Vita yesterday after my last exam (total impulse purchase totally worth it), so it would only be right to have a hefty wishlist after completing a whole degree? – Imagine I bought all this. 

All the things I require for graduation. Images of items are not to scale.

These aren’t in any particular order, actually they are the ones in bold and italics are absolutely necessary for graduation day, but starting from the top…

1) Illamasqua blush duo in Lover & Hussy

2) Illamasqua hydraveil 

3) Bite Beauty ‘Deconstructed Rose’ lip gloss wardrobe

4) Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk foundation

5) Tarte amazonian clay blush in ‘Exposed’

6)  Jo Malone perfume in ‘Orange Blossom’

Ooo, that turned that pretty well in a list one just italicized one bold and italicized it’s the simple things like that pleasure the slightly OCD self.

Tell me if you have any of these or a lusting after them too?

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Orange lipsticks off the highstreet

When orange lips first became popular I was a bit like I don’t think so, and now I take my statement back I am sorry and I am completely obsessed with orange lips. There’s just something about the orange lip it’s like the eccentric sister of the classic red that sometimes can seem bolder, or sometimes can seem softer. Orange is uplifting and it brings the skin to life automatically adding a golden hue that suggests that you’re just glowing from within. Even though, the orange lip has sometimes been accused of making the teeth look yellow I think it’s forgivable, and there are ways to work around it- you wear the orange lip the orange lip isn’t made to cater to you- especially now with summer acting slightly shy I think there’s no better way of encouragement than adorning the lips with a pop of orange. So, over with my ode to orange lips and on to the line up.  Now none of these are “I’m easy my way out of my comfort zone one step at a time” no these are the wham-bam-thank-you-mam of of bold orange lips.

We’ll first start off with the one that is pretty much straight up orange which is Revlon’s “Kiss me coral”. What I love about having this lipstick in my collection is that not only is it straight up orange but it is actually so versatile. Other than wearing it straight out the bullet, I love to wear this as a stain, or I like to blot it to give it a more matte finish with a dab of powder, or even make it more luscious than it already is by adding a juicy gloss on top. If you’re thinking “well you can do that with any lipstick” well, you hold your judgments because this lipstick is a bit of a chameleon, add a red lip liner underneath and you’ve got yourself a red-orange lip with fierce undertones. Now, I don’t know if this is true as I don’t own of the following, but rumour has it that this lipstick is the in between colour of MAC Morange and Lady Danger, so perhaps with it morphing powers I just told you about you could pretty much have both (with the aid of a lip liner) at half the price. Killing three birds with one stone.

Revlon 750 "Kiss me Coral", Rimmel 214 "Firecracker" & Topshop "Rio Rio"

Revlon 750 “Kiss me Coral”, Rimmel 214 “Firecracker” & Topshop “Rio Rio”

Next, we have the lovely Rimmel “firecracker”. This colour is a softer orange with strong pink undertones that reminds me of the inside of a grapefruit. Now, I’m not going to lie, sometimes, I find this colour hard to wear, sometimes my skin automatically rejects this colour, and I sadly take it off. However, don’t be put off especially you girls with cool/pink undertone skin as this could be your one step to an orange lip, if you’re struggling. Anyway, the days that my skin rejects this colour are few and far between and some of the time I force it to work with my perseverance, I blend some onto my cheeks so, I have a bit of complimentary-complimentary matchy-matchiness going on that even my olive skin tone can’t overthrow.

Left to Right: Revlon 750 "Kiss me Coral", Rimmel 214 "Firecracker" & Topshop "Rio Rio"

Left to Right: Revlon 750 “Kiss me Coral”, Rimmel 214 “Firecracker” & Topshop “Rio Rio”

Last, but by no means least is perhaps the lipstick that some may argue is not even orange, but I think it’s orange alright? This lipstick is Topshop’s Rio Rio. This is an orange lipstick that is loaded with hot and slightly neon red undertones. I personally think this one’s a bit of an all year round wearer because in the summer you can be like I’m showing my support for the sun, and in the autumn you can be like I’m mourning the beautiful death of all the green leaves that blossomed this year. Yeah, I’m really feeling at one with nature today. Anyway, this lipstick is pigmented just as much as the previous two, but this one has a satin finish. This lipstick also really compliments warm toned, olive toned, or tanned skin it just makes you an empowered woman that demands attention and is brimming to the edge with ferocity.

So, anyway that was my fill on the orange lipsticks that you can find on the highstreet. If you’re wondering on how to wear such bright lips I would say lashings of mascara (maybe top liner), polished skin, and a nice framing of bronzer along the perimeters of the face. So will dare to go bright orange or will you be keeping it a calm coral, or not even going close to the colour at all?

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Late night rant-y post | Life & thoughts

Alright chiefs?

I’m in such an odd mood and I can’t sleep so I thought I’d come on here and just talk about it. I have loads to tell you but I’ve just been whipping out beauty-related posts because I can just plan them, whereas with life posts I kind of just go where the tangent takes me.

*If this post is full of typo’s I’d just like to inform you it’s like nearly 2AM!

Anyway, the biggest piece of news, perhaps, is that I bought a car. Yes, me, the last person on the planet who is willing to drive, even though I know how, has bought a car. It’s (he’s) a Volkswagon Polo (1998), green, five door, and has only had one previous parent, lover, or if you’re conventional, owner. I’ve named him Rex because he’s green like a dinosaur. I bought him because for his age he’s hasn’t been driven around much- the mileage on him in low- and I’ll need a car to get to my placements on my post-grad next year because they can be as far as 70 miles out, but I really hope I don’t get one that far. I’ve driven him locally a few times, when I’ve had the time, and considering I passed my test like around 1 and a half years ago I wasn’t as rusty as I had expected it kind of just came back to me with a few drives around the block. Perhaps, the rest of the drivers on road are being nice to me with my “P” plates plastered on the front and back. That’s another thing, I can’t wait to take the “P” plates off and not be amongst the lowest members of the driving social hierarchy in which position I have to wear a badge to show my inexperience.

Another major thing is that next week, week beginning the 8th of April is my last week of lectures and seminars ever, ever, EVER. I will have completed my time at university which just depress’ me so much. I cannot have finished university, I signed up for three years, and this has all happened to quickly.  Where did the time go? A lot of people are ready to leave and I’m like “your ready for the real world?”  whilst trying to build myself a cave out of all my books. Also, I have so much reading to do it’s actually unbelievable; one thing that has not changed, even though I’ve nearly completed an English degree, is my reading speed. I read at the pace of a turtle. So over the next few weeks I’m  going to be reading the texts I didn’t manage to start or finish so, I’m ready for the exam with as many texts in my ammunition.

Other things that are adding pressure to my final exams are the skills test I have to do in English and in Maths in order to secure myself on the post-grad course. Obviously, English is not so stressful but Maths…When I try to answer the maths questions the left side of my brain is like “err…” and the 18 seconds I have to answer the question is over! You can’t even go back if you have time left over you just got 18 seconds and it’s stressful. Anyway, English is booked for the 27th of April, and Maths for the 28th. The conditional offer I have requests that I have passed both of those by June 30th.

Other things, I’ve been slacking on because of academic demands are going to the gym. It’s becoming really hard for me and I’m like “Eughhhh” but it’s also effecting my weight loss and obviously I don’t want to put the weight back on because that shit is hard to work off! I really need to start going to the gym more like back to 3 days a week atleast. However, people are noticing even though I’m not bothering; a few have said “Oh you’ve lost weight” which is always nice.

This post has become abit list-like how weird. But, the last thing I wanted to talk about was my upcoming blogiversary which is just in over a weeks time. Now, not many people in my “real” life actually know my blog exists; I don’t know why but it’s just not something I feel comfortable talking about because I don’t want them to think “Oh, she’s just banging on about her bloody blog”, or something. Maybe, it’s just that British trait of being quite modest about ones “things(?)”…attainments and achievements. Also, along with that I’m still nameless on this blog, I think, and I’ve been debating for awhile whether I should reveal my name. Don’t worry it won’t be like a big name reveal that some youtubers do for their expectant baby/ies (not that I’m bashing name reveal videos I actually love watching them) it’ll probably just be in passing. But is it time? Maybe it’d be nice after one year? My twin (not actually my twin but just a friend but we like a lot things exactly the same) was saying the other day “currently your just a anonymous person on the internet capable of doing and writing anything, if you had a name which people could recognise it’d make you more real”, which I am, but clearly I’m not capable of doing or writing anything because I’ve only written some life-y posts, ad a bit beauty, and a bit of health, but nothing groundbreaking. Also, I hope you guys know that I am a real human being, not a one cell amoeba who blogs. So I don’t know, maybe name coming soon?

Anyway that’s enough of me typing at you for now, but do tell me should I name or not name? Is the mysterious identity really putting readers off? Also anything else you’ve been dying to tell me leave it down in the comments!


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