My Depop experience

Before I get into this, I should probably explain what Depop is; so Depop is a selling app that has become increasingly popular. It is as though Ebay and Instagram had a baby, as you take the picture of your item/s on your phone and upload them directly on to the app. Then, so the item can be found by potential buyers you use hashtags as you would on instagram or twitter, which are basically like keywords for the search bar eg. #MAC #highheels. It also has the safety of Ebay as items are paid through Paypal, however you can pay in other ways, but Depop doesn’t recommend this.

So anyway, I put a few items on Depop, and the first two sold really smoothly, and everyone was happy. Then, I sold my third item: MAC ‘Creme Cup’ lipstick for £7. The item was paid for Paypal and I sent off the product, and informed the buyer it was on its way. I sent it with first class on the Wednesday (not tracked or anything), but on Friday I got a private message on Depop from the buyer saying it had not arrived yet. I told her perhaps to wait until Tuesday at the latest because sometimes post can be slow to turn up (even though I had a niggling fear in my belly that it might be lost). So, anyway Tuesday came and it had still not turned up at her house, so I advised her to maybe check if it was at her local depot. The post office informed her that they weren’t in control of the post that comes into the depot, which seems ridiculous because surely they sort it so, that they can effectively deliver them all. So anyway, after that I was like “I’m really sorry it hasn’t turned up, and I don’t really know how I can take this further”  which she replied to “Well, can I have my money back?”. Now To be honest, here, in hindsight I should’ve just said “No, sorry, I have a disclaimer up saying I’m not responsible for lost or damaged items, and I don’t give refunds”however, I offered to give her a half-refund out of goodwill, so £3.50, but she said, “Not when I’ve paid £7 for it I won’t”. So I thought, okay I’ll explain to her why I’ve offered her a half refund, and I said that, “I’m offering you half the money back where in most cases you wouldn’t get any back, and I’ve kept up good communication with you in order to try and locate it”. So then, she sent me a message saying how I was responsible for the postage ect, which I replied to her “I don’t really have any control over the postage of the item after I’ve dropped it off at the post office, and in my disclaimer it clearly states I’m not responsible of any lost or damaged post” and I followed that message with “I’m willing to still give you the half refund”. She didn’t reply.

So anyway, I thought maybe she’s gone to bed and she’ll reply tomorrow, but she’d only gone and opened a Paypal case against me, which I was like okay, and wrote my statement saying “I do have a disclaimer stating that I don’t give refunds nor am I responsible for lost post, but, in this case, I’m willing to offer a half-refund out of goodwill. But she just escalated it to a “claim” which is where Paypal decide who is right. In all honesty, Paypal doesn’t really give the seller much room to move around, in I was given 3 options, either give her the refund, provide proof of postage, or not respond, in which case she’d win anyway because I didn’t communicate, so I was pretty much forced to give her a refund of £7. I thought Paypal in a claim would freeze the situation so, someone could actually evaluate (not just a computer) the points of the seller and the buyer, but this didn’t happen, as soon, as I gave the refund the case was closed in favour of the seller. I was annoyed and a bit upset to be treated unfairly, and also to have lost out on a valuable product which I know won’t ever be returned to me even though I put my return address on the back.

She also decided to leave me a 1 star on my Depop account, but that’s fine because I also left her a 1 star with a long comment ending with “You shouldn’t buy stuff off sellers if you can’t respect and accept their disclaimer”, which I think is completely true because I do not believe I’m the only seller this has happened to. If someone has put in their disclaimer they do not give refunds, and they are not responsible for lost or damaged post, then a buyer shouldn’t be allowed to open a Paypal case against them and win because that’s totally wrong. If you went to a large clothes shop or any shop and the receipt said “no returns” you wouldn’t be able to open a case against them, so why do it against individual sellers.

Anyway, I just want to say not everyone on Depop behaves unfairly, the majority are polite and helpful and just want to sell things they aren’t using off to a better home or just looking for bargains. I don’t really know if I’ll sell anything else on Depop because I am slightly traumatized now.

Tell me have you bought or sold anything on Depop? Also, what do you think of the situation above?