thescribblingtrain: Orange lip obsession


It’s no secret that I’m obsessed with orange lips which has meant that over the summer I have ended up with a small collection. What I’ve realised is that orange lips don’t always need to be so bold they can sometimes be sheer and simmering.

So starting off with KIKO’s ultra glossy lip pencil in 605 which is a moisturising lip liner rather than your typical matte lip liner. The colour of this is the same as the vibrant orange packaging so it really packs a punch. This is perfect for orange lip newbies because you can build it up from a sheer tint (think MAC glaze finish) to the vibrant opacity of a lip gloss. I like to think of it as a lip gloss in solid stick form that doesn’t go gloopy if you over apply it. Obviously lasting power isn’t something that comes with a sheer glossy lip liner but what I love about this lip liner is that if you’re on the go you can literally top up your lip colour by scribbling in your lips and do the universal rubbing lips together action for an even application.

Next, in my orange lip wardrobe, I have these two glosses: Maybelline colour semsational cream gloss in Cashmere Rose and NYX butter gloss in Apple Strudel. These two products are sharing a paragraph because not only are they the same formula but they also are pretty much identical in colour, and you don’t really need both. If you were wondering about the orangeness of these I would products, I would say that NYX’s offering is more of a peach whereas Maybelline’s version is a creamsicle shade. Also Apple Strudel is a semi opaque cream gloss which means that it lasts longer out of the two, whereas Cashmere Rose  is less pigmented and has some micro shimmer so it probably wouldn’t show up on pigmented lips.


Now on to the Revlon Colourburst Lip butter in Tutti Frutti (love the name) which is a notch up in the scale of orange intensity than the lip products I’ve mentioned so far. This fierce orange definitely heats up the lips with it’s tangerine hue. I would say in one swipe of the bullet you are left with a sheer wash however this can easily be built up to a medium intensity pout. This is another moisturising lip product so it is comfortable to wear, however you’ll have to take it with you for top ups.

Another lip liner in my arsenal is NYX slim lip pencil in Orange. Now this is definitely true orange and when I want go all out in colour intensity with a matte finish I just fill my lips with this colour. Now, that’s not always for the weak hearted (or those who suffer with dry lips) and you might want to make it slightly more wearable with a dab of gloss. Obviously, you can still use it as lip liner to go under other orange hued lip product to amp up the colour and longevity.

Last but definitely not least in longevity or colour intensity are my three orange lipsticks: Revlon’s 750 Kiss Me Coral, Rimmel’s 214 Firecracker, and Topshop’s Rio Rio. These are all amazing lipsticks which I raved about in my ‘Orange lipsticks off the high street’ post, which is an in-depth post just about these three lippies, so I won’t ramble on here. All these lipsticks will definitely make a statement on your lips if that’s what you want.

Honourable mention: Tanya Burr’s lip gloss in Let’s Travel The World is a orange-y red lip gloss which would have fitted into this post perfectly but because I’m moving at the moment it’s packed away in a box somewhere.

So that concludes my lengthy post on all things orange if you want to see how I wore orange all over my face in a subtle way then click here. Otherwise if you’re just about the statement lip then ease off the blush and add lashings of mascara on to your perfected base.

Leave me a comment if you own any orange hued make up products that I could hoard with the rest of my preciousss or tell me about anything (can be completely random) orange that you’ve been loving.



Orange lipsticks off the highstreet

When orange lips first became popular I was a bit like I don’t think so, and now I take my statement back I am sorry and I am completely obsessed with orange lips. There’s just something about the orange lip it’s like the eccentric sister of the classic red that sometimes can seem bolder, or sometimes can seem softer. Orange is uplifting and it brings the skin to life automatically adding a golden hue that suggests that you’re just glowing from within. Even though, the orange lip has sometimes been accused of making the teeth look yellow I think it’s forgivable, and there are ways to work around it- you wear the orange lip the orange lip isn’t made to cater to you- especially now with summer acting slightly shy I think there’s no better way of encouragement than adorning the lips with a pop of orange. So, over with my ode to orange lips and on to the line up.  Now none of these are “I’m easy my way out of my comfort zone one step at a time” no these are the wham-bam-thank-you-mam of of bold orange lips.

We’ll first start off with the one that is pretty much straight up orange which is Revlon’s “Kiss me coral”. What I love about having this lipstick in my collection is that not only is it straight up orange but it is actually so versatile. Other than wearing it straight out the bullet, I love to wear this as a stain, or I like to blot it to give it a more matte finish with a dab of powder, or even make it more luscious than it already is by adding a juicy gloss on top. If you’re thinking “well you can do that with any lipstick” well, you hold your judgments because this lipstick is a bit of a chameleon, add a red lip liner underneath and you’ve got yourself a red-orange lip with fierce undertones. Now, I don’t know if this is true as I don’t own of the following, but rumour has it that this lipstick is the in between colour of MAC Morange and Lady Danger, so perhaps with it morphing powers I just told you about you could pretty much have both (with the aid of a lip liner) at half the price. Killing three birds with one stone.

Revlon 750 "Kiss me Coral", Rimmel 214 "Firecracker" & Topshop "Rio Rio"

Revlon 750 “Kiss me Coral”, Rimmel 214 “Firecracker” & Topshop “Rio Rio”

Next, we have the lovely Rimmel “firecracker”. This colour is a softer orange with strong pink undertones that reminds me of the inside of a grapefruit. Now, I’m not going to lie, sometimes, I find this colour hard to wear, sometimes my skin automatically rejects this colour, and I sadly take it off. However, don’t be put off especially you girls with cool/pink undertone skin as this could be your one step to an orange lip, if you’re struggling. Anyway, the days that my skin rejects this colour are few and far between and some of the time I force it to work with my perseverance, I blend some onto my cheeks so, I have a bit of complimentary-complimentary matchy-matchiness going on that even my olive skin tone can’t overthrow.

Left to Right: Revlon 750 "Kiss me Coral", Rimmel 214 "Firecracker" & Topshop "Rio Rio"

Left to Right: Revlon 750 “Kiss me Coral”, Rimmel 214 “Firecracker” & Topshop “Rio Rio”

Last, but by no means least is perhaps the lipstick that some may argue is not even orange, but I think it’s orange alright? This lipstick is Topshop’s Rio Rio. This is an orange lipstick that is loaded with hot and slightly neon red undertones. I personally think this one’s a bit of an all year round wearer because in the summer you can be like I’m showing my support for the sun, and in the autumn you can be like I’m mourning the beautiful death of all the green leaves that blossomed this year. Yeah, I’m really feeling at one with nature today. Anyway, this lipstick is pigmented just as much as the previous two, but this one has a satin finish. This lipstick also really compliments warm toned, olive toned, or tanned skin it just makes you an empowered woman that demands attention and is brimming to the edge with ferocity.

So, anyway that was my fill on the orange lipsticks that you can find on the highstreet. If you’re wondering on how to wear such bright lips I would say lashings of mascara (maybe top liner), polished skin, and a nice framing of bronzer along the perimeters of the face. So will dare to go bright orange or will you be keeping it a calm coral, or not even going close to the colour at all?

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