English PGCE: 3 weeks in


So, this blog has been neglected a little but that’s because I’ve started my post graduate certificate in education (PGCE) and pretty much have had no time to myself. The first three weeks of the course consisted 5 days at uni – 8:45AM till 4PM – which drained me – especially, because I was leaving my house at about 7:15AM.  Everyday, I came home with so much information in my brain not only because of new knowledge but also the amount of paperwork..the paperwork…the paperwork. So much. One day I came home and fell asleep at 7:00PM and woke up the next morning at 6:15AM. It was crazy because I’m actually can’t usually sleep more than 8 hours.

Since starting of the pgce course, I’ve become an everyday on the motorway individual and my driving confidence has improved, even though my parking skills are still atrocious. It takes about 50 minutes to get to the uni and about 35-40 minutes to get to to my placement, but I have to leave my house at 7AM now to get to school for 8AM.

Today was my second day at the secondary school and so far my experience has been good. I tracked at key stage three student all day today and observed all the lessons he was in. My mentor seems nice but I think I need to get to know her better; she’s also the head of English so she’s very busy and I just hope she has time for me.

Okay, that is me pretty much up to track. Now, I need to go organise my files ect (told you paperwork) and write up a report about what I saw in the lessons today.