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Wow, I haven’t blogged in a over a month so this post is going to be rusty.

Hi, Hello?,

Yeah, it’s just me writing over here. Yes, this blog has been neglected but it is still alive. I haven’t really gone anywhere or done anything that I could use as an excuse as to why I haven’t blogged in so long: the only excuse I could give you is that I mentally couldn’t get myself to blog. The first missed post went by, the second followed, with the third hot on it’s tracks, and then the forth, and perhaps even a fifth post would’ve been up if I followed ‘post every 5 days rule’ – you do the maths. 

So, what did I do in July? Well, it was Ramadan, I went to Southampton for a week, I graduated, and I bought a new car. Apart from that I have pretty much been home everyday doing nothing. I’ve also been suffering from the heat and humidity, but I’ve loved the heavy rain, thunder and lightening that’s accompanied it. I’m not a sun person. I’ve also ordered all the books for my post-grad course but I’m yet to actually ready any. The thought of reading ‘Great Expectations’ by Charles Dickens is definitely trialing my soul. August is my last month at home before I move out for a year, and also my birthday month, which I don’t have much planned for. If anyone is interested I’m turning 21 on the 15th.

Another thing, you might have noticed about me if you follow me on Twitter is the fact that because I haven’t been that active in the blogging world I’ve been tweeting about Palestine a lot and the Genocide being carried out there. I’m sure some people who followed me on Twitter for my blog have unfollowed me because tweets about the situation in Palestine isn’t exactly why they followed me. I do still post my thoughts and rambles on there and I probably will start tweeting about blog-related stuff once I get back to posting. But, anyway, because of how I feel towards what is happening in Palestine, I won’t be purchasing from certain brands that fund Israel, which includes beauty products. I’ve looked into it and come to the decision it would be completely unethical to buy from companies that pretty much financially support a massacre of human lives. So, from now on, if you do see any products from said companies on my blog it’s products that I bought before I made this decision.


Above image taken from

I feel slightly sick now when I look at all the products I have from the brands listed above because I’ve pretty much given money away to companies who fund terrorism. And, yes, I know that they aren’t really going to suffer from me not buying from them, however, least I know in my heart of hearts that I am not accountable for the killing of innocent people.

So, that’s pretty much it, I hope August is treating you well, and I’ve got a few ideas for my next couple of posts.

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Farewell to a friend

Today, I met up with one of my friends who I know I will probably not see again for a long time. The end of uni also marks a significant moment in many friendships and whether they’ll survive time and in some cases distance. For me and my twin (what I call my friend because we are very alike in some ways) Manchester has been the root and heart of our friendship but it’s a place where we can’t stay because our academic life is over. It’s probably one of the hardest aspects of finishing university for me because to me it feels like these people that you’ve always seen in that context you won’t see anymore because everyone just goes thier own way. It’s like a huge dispersal of so much hope and anxiety packed into every single student as life and work will take over and student freedom will become something of many moons ago that we’ll reminisce on. I know technology makes its really easy to stay in contact with people but sometimes you just want that person to be there.

I wish I had phlogged today better but it came to me as an after thought on my way home so, these are the pictures I took.





Some of these pictures probably don’t make sense I mean I’m sure no one wants to see a parking and the backs of buildings. But, I just like how in this picture the car park is full and the buildings are crammed together, because they just contrast against the comfortably spaced out clouds in the sky.



We didn’t really do much we just went to eat and sat on the grass. I always think the best friendships are those where you can do anything, everything or nothing, and still have the best time.



I really had to put on a brave face at the end in the train station. I said “see you soon” to which my friend replied “not really” – always one to yank me down back to reality whilst on the verge of a emotional breakdown: a true friend.

What’s in my bag | undergraduate edition

So I love reading or watching these kinds of posts because I’m nosy curious. However, I thought I’d put a twist on it and do an undergraduate edition just because I’m still in denial about my undergrad days being over, so really this is just a what’s in my uni bag.

I never really had one bag that I took to uni but I had a few bags that were rotation depending on what I was taking in and what I was wearing.



Now on to the actual content of what I put in these bags as an undergrad.


Starting with the two most important things in my bag which are my purse and rail card. As a commuting student having a rail card has been essential to saving money and my purse because it houses my money, bank cards, ID ect.

I also always carry some water because I try to drink the recommended 2 litres a day. Other bits and bobs in my bag that you’ll find are tissues, a hair tie, and some neurophen because you never know what could happen whilst your out and about. I usually also carry the lip colour I’m wearing that day so I can top up when it fades.

Onto the more “academic” content of my bag. I obviously carry a handful of pens and a few highlighters so I’m prepared to take notes. Another obvious one is my note pad; I love note pads with a design on the front. I also carry post it notes and those pointer/arrow stickies to make notes in as I’m reading. Last but not least, I always carry the novels I’m reading for the different modules. Some modules have these huge anthologies which literally leave bruises on my shoulders which I hate.



Things that are sometimes in my bag are the Rimmel stay matte powder and Real Techniques setting brush. I use to also carry a travel umbrella but I never used it even when it was raining so I just gave it to my friend.

And that leaves the bottom of my bag…


So that was my what’s in my bag undergraduate edition I hope you enjoyed reading it. Perhaps I’ll do one for when I’m a postgraduate and see if it’s any different.

What’s your uni bag like? Is it anything like mine? Leave me a comment down below.

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I joined Twitter


This is just a quick post to say that I have finally made a twitter for my blog! It’s all getting very 21st century technology over here. Anyway, if you wanted to follow me I’m @Saniyalasagne. Tweet me? I don’t know how to use it yet so please bare with me.

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I don’t know what’s got into me but that’s all for now!



Easter Saturday OOTD

I just had to nip into town with my mum so she could get someone a present, and I just threw this together.


I’ve really been enjoying wearing this colourful silk top lately. The bright ethnic print brings this all black ensemble to life. The back is just black which means its not too overwhelming and also pairs well with black skinnies and this viscose blazer. The viscose blazer is nice in this kind of weather because its such a breathable material. I’m  I wore these shoe (?) sandals (?) Shondals that I recently bought from h&m recently; I think they’ll be the perfect pair of black slip-ons that go with everything for the warmer months.


I didn’t wear any make up because I had an allergic reaction to something mysterious (not make up) and it’s cause my skin to flare up on my face, neck, and behind my knees.

Hope you all have a good long Easter weekend!

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Small Haulin’ & Food with friends

I thought I’d do a weekly update post just because I feel like it’s a significant week in my life, as my time at university draws to an end.

So on Thursday, (10/4/14) – my last day of uni – I decided to do a little shopping before going into uni.  I have a wedding to attend this Sunday and I thought I’d get some bits that I’ve wanted for a while.


Real techniques core collection, MAC brow pencil in "Stud", and Prolongwear concealer in NC25.

In my post reviewing the Real techniques duo fibre brushes, I said I didn’t need the core collection however I think I’ve been talking myself round because I’ve always wanted to try the buffing brush, the detailer brush and contour brush fill certain niches in my brush collection, and even though I still think I won’t use the pointed foundation brush I think it’s good to have, right? Right.

The two things I picked up from MAC are the prolongwear concealer in NC25 and brow pencil in “stud”. I picked up the conceal for my under eyes and I thought it would be brightening but I came home to fine it’s the same colour as my foundation, so I guess I can use it under my eyes and on blemishes. I also picked up a brow pencil because I can’t find one on the high street that hasn’t got a warm undertone. I have black hair so, this is good and I only wanted it for special occasions.

When I got to uni I attended all my seminars, and in the last seminar friends spontaneously decided that we should go for a meal, and so we did.  We went to Zouks in Manchester. Our waiter was weeeeird. When we sat down at our table my friend told him her glass was dirty (it still had watermarks on it) and he replied “you don’t need to worry about that they’re wine glasses and you don’t drink.”, which is true none of us drink alcohol but it’s rather presumptuous. Another weird thing was that when we asked him what drinks they do he started listing them off the top of his head until my friend was like “don’t you have a drinks menu?” which he then bought over. We all went for non-alcoholic cocktails which were gorgeous. Whilst the service wasn’t top notch the food was definitely divine. For my starter, I had a mixed grill, for mains I had lamb nihari with naan, and dessert I had creme brûleé, and it was all gorgeous.  I washed that all down with my watermelon mocktail.




All in all, it was a lovely way to finish off the last ever day of uni. Don’t spontaneous plans make the best memories? Now just lot of reading, revising,  essay writing, and exam taking until it’ll be over. I can truly say I’ll miss uni not just the freedom but also the studying.

That’s it my weekly post is done. What have you been up to this week?  Any significant moments in your life?

Tell me if these “weekly” posts are a good idea? My life isn’t exciting enough to do one every week, but every now and then?

Late night rant-y post | Life & thoughts

Alright chiefs?

I’m in such an odd mood and I can’t sleep so I thought I’d come on here and just talk about it. I have loads to tell you but I’ve just been whipping out beauty-related posts because I can just plan them, whereas with life posts I kind of just go where the tangent takes me.

*If this post is full of typo’s I’d just like to inform you it’s like nearly 2AM!

Anyway, the biggest piece of news, perhaps, is that I bought a car. Yes, me, the last person on the planet who is willing to drive, even though I know how, has bought a car. It’s (he’s) a Volkswagon Polo (1998), green, five door, and has only had one previous parent, lover, or if you’re conventional, owner. I’ve named him Rex because he’s green like a dinosaur. I bought him because for his age he’s hasn’t been driven around much- the mileage on him in low- and I’ll need a car to get to my placements on my post-grad next year because they can be as far as 70 miles out, but I really hope I don’t get one that far. I’ve driven him locally a few times, when I’ve had the time, and considering I passed my test like around 1 and a half years ago I wasn’t as rusty as I had expected it kind of just came back to me with a few drives around the block. Perhaps, the rest of the drivers on road are being nice to me with my “P” plates plastered on the front and back. That’s another thing, I can’t wait to take the “P” plates off and not be amongst the lowest members of the driving social hierarchy in which position I have to wear a badge to show my inexperience.

Another major thing is that next week, week beginning the 8th of April is my last week of lectures and seminars ever, ever, EVER. I will have completed my time at university which just depress’ me so much. I cannot have finished university, I signed up for three years, and this has all happened to quickly.  Where did the time go? A lot of people are ready to leave and I’m like “your ready for the real world?”  whilst trying to build myself a cave out of all my books. Also, I have so much reading to do it’s actually unbelievable; one thing that has not changed, even though I’ve nearly completed an English degree, is my reading speed. I read at the pace of a turtle. So over the next few weeks I’m  going to be reading the texts I didn’t manage to start or finish so, I’m ready for the exam with as many texts in my ammunition.

Other things that are adding pressure to my final exams are the skills test I have to do in English and in Maths in order to secure myself on the post-grad course. Obviously, English is not so stressful but Maths…When I try to answer the maths questions the left side of my brain is like “err…” and the 18 seconds I have to answer the question is over! You can’t even go back if you have time left over you just got 18 seconds and it’s stressful. Anyway, English is booked for the 27th of April, and Maths for the 28th. The conditional offer I have requests that I have passed both of those by June 30th.

Other things, I’ve been slacking on because of academic demands are going to the gym. It’s becoming really hard for me and I’m like “Eughhhh” but it’s also effecting my weight loss and obviously I don’t want to put the weight back on because that shit is hard to work off! I really need to start going to the gym more like back to 3 days a week atleast. However, people are noticing even though I’m not bothering; a few have said “Oh you’ve lost weight” which is always nice.

This post has become abit list-like how weird. But, the last thing I wanted to talk about was my upcoming blogiversary which is just in over a weeks time. Now, not many people in my “real” life actually know my blog exists; I don’t know why but it’s just not something I feel comfortable talking about because I don’t want them to think “Oh, she’s just banging on about her bloody blog”, or something. Maybe, it’s just that British trait of being quite modest about ones “things(?)”…attainments and achievements. Also, along with that I’m still nameless on this blog, I think, and I’ve been debating for awhile whether I should reveal my name. Don’t worry it won’t be like a big name reveal that some youtubers do for their expectant baby/ies (not that I’m bashing name reveal videos I actually love watching them) it’ll probably just be in passing. But is it time? Maybe it’d be nice after one year? My twin (not actually my twin but just a friend but we like a lot things exactly the same) was saying the other day “currently your just a anonymous person on the internet capable of doing and writing anything, if you had a name which people could recognise it’d make you more real”, which I am, but clearly I’m not capable of doing or writing anything because I’ve only written some life-y posts, ad a bit beauty, and a bit of health, but nothing groundbreaking. Also, I hope you guys know that I am a real human being, not a one cell amoeba who blogs. So I don’t know, maybe name coming soon?

Anyway that’s enough of me typing at you for now, but do tell me should I name or not name? Is the mysterious identity really putting readers off? Also anything else you’ve been dying to tell me leave it down in the comments!


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